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VCC has been doing business with NYC DOT and DDC since it was established in 1984.  Specializing in the construction of curb, sidewalk, and stonework on landmark properties.

Curb and Sidewalk Reconstruction
Custom Dye
Custom Saw Cut Designs

​Some locations require a specific color of sidewalk.  For instance, historical properties in the borough of Manhattan require a special dye in the concrete called "Land Mark Grey."  Although other companies may struggle with keeping consistancy in color on larger properties, VCC uses its experience and knowledge to expertly match your new sidewalk color as closely as possible.

Vales Construction has been specializing in the reconstruction of curb and sidewalk throughout all five buroughs in New York City for the past 30 years.  There is  a plethora of experiece and knowledge in this field throughout the company.

Able to aid in the facilitation and approval of landmark permits!

First Impressions are key.  Before a person even walks through your door, they can walk through a beautiful custom designed saw cut entrance way.  Many high profile properties prefer a diamond or box design saw cut into the sidewalk directly in front of their main entrance.  

Also Available:

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